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Privacy Policy

Shrutin Shetty’s consulting website, ‘’ endeavours to follow a transparent and ethical manner of operating and providing relevant services to our clients. Below are the rules and guidelines applicable right now. These are visited and improved from time to time, and if it has been a while since your last visit and reviewing of this information, we encourage you to read our most recent rules and guidelines here.

This website, ‘’ is the name of an umbrella of services, products, workshops and training programs offered by Shrutin Shetty. In the Privacy Policy, 'employee', 'employees' and 'team' could refer to one or more permanent employees, outsourced employees or interns employed by Shrutin Shetty (also referred to as 'he' or 'him').

Your Privacy is important to us. It is our endeavour to collect only that relevant and specific information from our clients (hereon referred to as “Personal Data”, and which could also apply to any information regarding your company, employer, or you or your colleagues, based on information provided by you or your company representative) that is required for us to be able to serve you and/ or them in the best manner we know, and to keep them up-to-date on our social media information and our blog posts, and to stay connected and be able to offer increasingly relevant services and solutions in future.


We do use a few reputed third-party services that enable us to bring our services to you. Since we cannot control the information they capture, we use and will continue to use only the highly-reputed third party service partners which would include email services, appointment scheduling services, secure payment gateway services, video conferencing services, chat services, cloud storage, etc.


1. Personal Data

Below is an overview of the amount of Personal Data we might request from you depending on the degree of engagement and types of services or solutions you or your team sign up for (varying degree data will be denoted by “+-“):


1. Personal details:

a. Full name

b. Contact details +-: email address, mobile phone number, landline number, business registered address, business head office address, age, personal identification documents only if necessary (this would include any govt. permitted identity card, e.g.: Aadhaar, PAN, Voter ID, driving license)

2. Business details:

a. Business processes, product or service portfolio and technical and non-technical specifications of the same

b. Information regarding the history of the company, including access to historical audited balance sheets and profit & loss statements, annual reports and other relevant documents, as well as customer feedback related reports

c. Employee information +- depending on the business challenge you engage Shrutin Shetty or one or more members of his team to assist you with, they would require information of all employees applicable in context of the scope of the engagement, and which might include:

i. Full name of employee, age, positions held and professional performance history in that company

ii. Other information that relevant employees or their colleagues might share during the engagement towards assisting our team to help you solve the business challenge

iii. Any complaints, ideas and suggestions your employee(s) might make during our interactions towards finding the source of a business challenge and towards finding solutions for it

iv. Voice-recordings +- of conversations and interviews with relevant employees as part of the scope of any consulting engagement

d. Customer information +- depending on the business challenge you engage our team to assist with, he and his team would require information of relevant customers in context of the scope of the engagement, and which might include:

i. Customer name, contact information

ii. Historical customer experience feedback captured by the company

iii. Voice recordings of any interviews or feedback exercises conducted by us with your customers during the engagement

We will never share or disclose any of the information we gather from you regarding yourself or your business, employees or customers. Your information will only be shared with competent authorities (statutory, regulatory, legal) in the following instances:

3. We are directed or required by legal/regulatory / statutory / governmental agencies under applicable laws/regulations though a legally obligated request

4. It is requested by our third party payment processing partners to verify, mitigate or prevent fraud or to manage risk or recover funds in accordance with applicable laws/regulations.


2. Usage of Your Personal Data

We use your Personal Data to enable us to offer you our services in the following ways:

1. to be able to respond to service-related inquiries and for ensuing follow-ups

2. to facilitate booking and accepting fees for the same via third party payment processing services

3. to send email or mobile notifications regarding an upcoming service booked by you, or any related rescheduling requests where applicable

4. to understand client need patterns to be able to create and offer increasingly relevant services and products

5. to gain feedback on the quality and effectiveness of our offerings so we can keep improving

6. to connect on professional platforms (e.g.: LinkedIn) and share relevant articles, or share our research and recommendations via our blog posts

7. to review any complaints or claim or other

8. to comply with internal audits and record keeping processes


External Partners and usage of personal data: We use a few well-proven and trusted third party services to enable us to get our offerings to our clients. These include Google, appointment scheduling services, payment gateway services, and emailing services, most of which are commonly used by a lot of individuals and businesses across the world. You would get email and/or mobile notifications from these third party services regarding service booking confirmations, fee payment related information, scheduling details, etc. These affiliates would capture your personal information necessary to complete their part of our entire process to better serve your needs based on your instructions and in compliance with our Privacy Policy and any other confidentiality and security measures.

3. Your Personal Data

If you sign up for one or more services listed on this website, we will have your name, email address, company name, telephone number, area, city, and country in our database. Similarly, if you subscribe to our blog, your name and email address would be saved on our database. Apart from this, it is possible that one or more of the payment processing partners we use does save your name and card information by default or gives you an option to have them save it for your next visit.

If at any time you feel the need to delete your card details, you would need to sign into that payment gateway service or get in touch with the customer care of said payment processing service and request them to guide you on deleting your card details. Since all transaction processing happens outside of our website, we do not save any of your card or other payment medium details in our database.


4. Cookie Policy

A “cookie” is a small information packet saved by a web server on a web browser to enable read back from the browser later.

We use a lot of partner services including Google, which will use cookies and other tracking technology.

Apart from using Google Analytics to get a general read on global traffic and enquiries on our site, we DO NOT, and will NOT ever actively track any Personal Data.

5. Links to other websites

This website and linked blog contain links to other websites not owned or managed by us. This privacy policy only applies to us. You are requested to read the other websites’ privacy policies when visiting these websites.

6. Proprietary Information and Non-Disclosure

We are aware that during advisory sessions or team consult exercises or training workshops, clients might share internal business information (“Proprietary Information”) to facilitate discussion and relevant advisory services. We acknowledge the confidentiality & proprietary nature of such information, and as such, use reasonable care (not less than that employed to protect our own proprietary information) to safeguard the same and to prevent its unauthorized use or disclosure thereof. However, the client agrees that Shrutin Shetty and/ or any member from his team (including outsourced employees or interns), and this website will not be held liable for any misuse or theft of said data if such event or events occur outside the purview of reasonable care and precautions exercised by us, by events such as, but not limited to physical theft, computer/online/mobile email hacking, phishing, etc.

We where necessary, disclose or give access to Proprietary Information only to such External Consultants, agents or contractors (“Shrutin Shetty's Associates”) having a need-to-know in connection with our engagement and for use in connection therewith. We will advise Consultant Personnel having access to Proprietary Information of the confidential and proprietary nature thereof.


Last Updated on: 19 October, 2023

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