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Some Key Projects

Innovation & Impact

Case: Improving Pediatric Patient Experience at a leading Asian cancer hospital

Our most fulfilling work so far. A project where we experienced the potential of our evolving innovation model that works at the intersection of design thinking, strategy and behaviour principles. We worked with a top oncology hospital to try and identify affordable ways to improve pediatric patient experience.

Two invisible challenges we saw after spending weeks at the hospital, interacting with hospital staff and patients:

  • The 70+% of families (in almost all cases, both parents at least, if not more family, accompanied their child to the city for treatment) kept their lives back home on hold for the course of the treatment. This meant a pause to any small business they ran, or their salaries, which added financial uncertainty tensions to their tensions to do with their child's treatment.

  • Since 70+% patients hailed from one of a few different states, not everyone spoke the same language. A very invisible challenge noticed, was that the average non-medical staffer was asked for directions to various wards or departments by patient families. Some staff members were asked directions to a building/ department once ever 2-4 minutes. Others, even more frequently, at 40-120 seconds. Other questions would include when might be their turn to meet a doctor, information on financial support, etc.
    As an outsider having conversations with the staff, one could feel the constant interruptions build up as an invisible stressor. The staff had sensitization sessions from time to time. And while they dealt with patients in a respectable manner, some of those who answered patient direction queries more than others, seemed to be a little curt or sarcastic on occasion.


Solutions on the two areas were presented to the board:

  • Firstly, how collaborations with local companies for part-time, low-to-medium skill, person-independent jobs could be offered as an option to patient families. One parent from each family could opt for one if they wanted. This small income source could help patient families find some joy while going through this challenging phase of their lives. Partner companies could either factor this as a regular part-time role, or channel it through their earmarked CSR funds,

    • an alternate business model was also proposed for the above solution, that would enable the hospital to extend its existing funds to treat more patients or for furthering research,

  • Design solutions that would:

    • reduce patient stress and improve processes and wait-times in the department

    • reduce an invisible stress in the administrative staff and improve their efficiency and happiness levels by enabling design to allow patients to help each other, and reduce inquiring with the staff

Phase 1: In 2017, a publishing house approached us to prepare a pitch for fundraising. On our first meeting, it took the prospect's management team 2 hours to attempt to explain what all they wanted to build into a technology publishing ecosystem. There was confusion and inertia in their operations.

We revisited diverse aspects of their existing business and future plans. We removed the unwanted, reworked the necessary. We helped them see a clearer picture of what they wanted it to be. Armed with better clarity on the goals and strategy ahead, they were able to raise twice the initial investment they sought. Their technology publishing ecosystem started taking shape.

Phase 2: In 2021, we were engaged to externally guide product development. A primary challenge was to better understand aspiring authors and readers, to build relevant platforms around those needs.

Identification of must-have and good-to-have functions and features, and their prioritization for their tech team to build was key.

Based on interactions and observations of the two user groups, 30+ new feature and function inputs were recommended, and over 70 improvement inputs identified on their existing platform. 200 data points too were identified to track, in order to further simplify and improve user experience.

Case: Transforming Publishing with Technology

Case: Mobile Payments Product

In 2013, a global angel investor group approached us for investment support into a mobile payments' product startup they were evaluating.

The management team at the startup under consideration, was focused on targeting premium clientele (5-star hotels, swanky restaurants, etc.).
Based on our interactions with the founding team, we created customer journeys across numerous potential client sectors to bring clarity and focus.

Based on findings that included interactions with potential client stakeholders, our recommendation was to address the kirana/ home delivery space rather than premium segments. It was a good product and experience fit, and they were finally convinced.

While the angel group backed out of the investment at the last minute, the company stuck with the sector focus and in just a few years, a reputed grocery chain acquired the company, reinforcing the relevance of its sector focus.

RattL 'em

I am constantly fascinated by companies, products and services. So whenever a company catches my curiosity, I offer them an idea (a new product, service, or feature/ improvement idea), or highlight a concern area.

I hope to get to a point where I am sending an idea out into the world every day.
I do this for free, and for fun.
And the company receiving the idea is free to use it, with no financial or other obligation.
It is my way of trying to be the best in the field of people innovation.

Some ideas shared with top management at companies range from a new ceiling fan remote design, to suggesting a better placement of rotors for an air commuting vehicle, among others.

While most ideas are emailed directly to leaders at these companies, check out some ideas that are in the public domain:

  • For Gmail
    An email layout idea to help transform the way we write emails. The idea was for a nested or grouped layout, so especially professional emails could be written in a more structured manner, and be easier to read and understand by the receiver.


  • For Todoist (ranked "the best to-do list right now" by The Verge)
    A feature idea to help users effectively prioritize tasks in a more intuitive and convenient manner.


  • For Food Delivery services
    A product feature idea for food ordering apps where one could schedule an order for a future date in advance. This would be particularly useful for users who might risk forgetting a special day. It could also help restaurants plan their preparation a little better, and even make deliveries a little more efficient. apart from offering convenience to users.


  • For an FAA approved Airline Middle seat design
    In 2019, US FAA approved Molon Labe Seating‘s (MLS) seat design for commercial airplanes. However, we found some layout and user experience concerns with this layout, so we proposed a better airline seating layout design.


  • A potential leading cause of hospital infections
    Between 5-10% of patients receiving treatment in US hospitals,and between 11-60% of those in India, tend to contract infections at the hospital that are not present at the time of admission. We attempted to find at least one seemingly invisible causative factor that we felt could be a leading cause of at least a lot of nosocomial infections in surgery patients.


  • For WhatsApp
    A feature idea proposed to WhatsApp, where users could mute serial forwarders on groups.


  • For Note & Planner apps
    A feature idea for note-taking and planner apps where users could be offered a 'Review Mode' with select function options; so they could make minor changes without the keypad constantly getting in the way.


  • For Tesla's Supercharging wait-time problem
    In 2017, we suggested a battery layout idea to Tesla to dramatically improve their supercharging wait times. Electric car charging times are still a time-consuming affair with many auto manufacturers. This idea, especially if used on a universal battery design and size, could significantly further the adoption of electric cars.


  • For Spotify to improve user experience and its own valuation
    We recently wrote to the CEO of Spotify, offering them a product function that could also potentially improve their company valuation. It was a function similar to what Shazam does in terms of discovering music.

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