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I am Shrutin Shetty. Welcome to my work site.
As an independent consumer product innovation consultant, I am currently focused on working with consumer product companies in India and abroad; to help them grow by conceptualizing and creating products that are built around a deeper understanding of their consumers needs and wants.

In an interesting and diverse work life spanning 18 years, I have worked at a relative's restaurant business during school vacations and then at a BPO. I was later part of the core investment team at a Venture Capital firm that managed INR 6 billion in corpus. There, I worked on investments of INR 1.3 billion, and oversaw the performance of 9 portfolio companies. After that, I headed western India strategy, marketing & service ops for a fast-growing industrial robotics and metrology equipment organization.

Since 2012, I have been an independent consultant with an external team, guiding nearly a 100 companies in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Oman, Abu Dhabi and the US on innovation, strategy and growth.

Using my unique perspective and skills that are at the intersection of behaviour, design thinking and strategy, I have worked with hundreds of leaders, managers and students, bringing them to identify and channel their creativity to solve complex challenges.

My first book, 'Design the Future', simplifies Stanford's famous Design Thinking model.
I have conducted innovation workshops and training programs for international and Indian entrepreneurial ecosystems and educational institutes including IIT Bombay, WeSchool, and more.
Since 2018, I have been a visiting faculty at NIFT, Mumbai for their Masters Programs.
Between 2014-20, I served as Examiner for the prestigious QualTech Prize, evaluating Innovation & Improvement projects from multinational organizations across manufacturing, services, education and healthcare.

I love organizations that are being built to go the distance.
Organizations that are created with the purpose of retaining customers in the long run, by way of meaningful products that delight.
I believe if organizations have their innovation, strategy, and good service in place, the competition simply disappears.
If you are building such a purpose-driven organization and could use some help, get in touch.

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